We are Shut Up Studio and we create exceptional design for exceptional brands. 

An innovative, passionate and creative design agency founded in Brighton in 2015, we pride ourselves on our boundary-pushing creative. Spanning a host of specialisms, we deliver exceptionally considered art direction, design, photography and brand identity across editorial, print, packaging, web and retail. 

We are proud to offer a fully integrated experience, working with the best developers, photographers, copywriters, animators and filmmakers in the industry to bring your vision to life. 

We are passionate about translating complex ideas into simple yet thought-provoking design and, instinctively, that’s how we like to work, too. Because for us, creating is a journey; we ensure we work with you rather than for you. When we know exactly who you are and exactly what you stand for, you can trust us to tell your story in a compelling way. 

Captivating design is hard to forget, which is why our goal is to always craft powerful, memorable creative that captures the imagination. 

Our past clients range from charities and ethical companies to those in the arts and music sectors. Take a look at our portfolio below for a taste of who we are and how we can help you.

20170224_DM_BETH_SALTER_10684 1.jpg

Beth Salter, founder.