Ted Baker - Soho
Store design & marketing campaign

Ted Baker launched in 1987 with an unswerving quality, attention to detail and a quirky sense of humour. The brief was to articulate a store theme and marketing campaign for the Soho store relating to the local area and its history as well as suiting Ted's customer base. We chose Soho’s less than salubrious past and Berwick Street’s musical history as a visually vibrant combination.

We went the extra mile to hunt down original materials from local clubs, retro Soho-based publications. This inspired bespoke neon signage, feature walls and a marketing campaign using 7 inch records, sleeves, tickets, condoms and more to give away to each customer through the door. Each with a 'Barbershop Quartet' feel.

Store concept
Store design
Art direction
Brand communications
Print campaign
Marketing materials